Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ultimate fight in the eco-friendly club. Drum (paper) roll for the winner please... Bamboo, of course! Ok, we don't sell recycled toilet paper. But let's unroll why...

While they would play a tough game in the sustainability world cup final, recycled paper rolls have got some downsides based on the way they're made. The waste paper you recycle contains bisphenol-A (BPA). Sounds nasty, right? That's because it is. BPA can mess up with your hormones and may cause horrible diseases. Also, the recycling process makes the fibres shorter and the final tissue rougher. To catch up on softness, you need to heavily bleach (roll up in chemicals!) recycled paper. 

Cost wise, we're roughly in the same range. So, we rolled on with bamboo to give a champion of softness to your bum and a fierce eco-warrior to the planet.


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